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Satellite of Love

2017-06-10 04:28:16 by Beezledub


i dropped my clit

2017-03-04 14:03:13 by Beezledub

my clit fell off and i tried to put it back on again but it fell off

freestyle rap

2017-02-19 08:26:12 by Beezledub

yo newgrounds has the audio portal, some tunes weak, some tunes mortal
some tunes awesome and at the same time awful, but of course

thats the way things go, music runs it's own show every colour of the rainbow

and even greys and blacks and whites too, shit im starting to sound like dr suess

better drink a redbull for some energy boost!!!


this rap was sponsored by redbull.

im drunk

2017-02-19 00:49:22 by Beezledub

fuck you